28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: When Velma Is A Black Girl (True Crime Podcasts)

I am a fan of true crime, and I can’t pinpoint when. In high school, I wanted to be an FBI profiler. I was a fan of Abnormal Psychology. And I thought that if I did my own amateur sleuth-study, nothing would really shock me.

With the success of YouTube sensation Bailey Sarian doing true crime and makeup (it’s a thing and I’m here for it!), I am overjoyed at the number of Black women whom make these spaces as well!

From Brittany Vaughn doing make up and historical misdeeds, there is Sunny Shay V., bring light to the missing, the murdered, and the evil in plain sight! My new favorite podcast has to be Black Girl Gone!

What is so amazing about what these what these Black women are holding space to break the mold as what Black women do on social media, as well as calling attention to the epidemic of missing Black women.

The future is female, and Velma is Black! I’m here for it!

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