28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: The Boys Are Not Alright

I am of the mind set that I have never been a traditional woman. I mean, I am a college educated Black woman whom is the product of working class people. I

I’m not for anyone and I have no desire to become that woman that bends to the will of people. So imagine my horror and intrigue when I found out what red cells are!

As a Black woman whom has survived domestic violence, been harassed because I didn’t want to be accosted, I am not in favor of these red cells, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

The Black community has a huge incel problem! Huge! These red cells (think Matrix) believe that women need to be obedient, quiet, and never question their partners. Women should continue to be available for men, never deny them sex, and…it goes on and on!

From where I sit, with the rash of Black women whom are dead because they were murdered by the Black men in their lives? We cannot ignore that! We have ignored those issues long enough!


It’s not normal to want to kill someone because they don’t want you!

It is not normal to want to harm someone because they deny you sex!

This is the problem with toxic masculinity.

This is the problem with not giving young men their complete personhood.

This is the problem with not getting young men okay with being told “no”, handling rejection and toxic behavior against women (especially Black women) being seen as “normal.”

Y’all know who your trash friends are—if you don’t at this point, you’re lying. This is a crisis with Black men…and y’all need to handle it! My daughters shouldn’t fear your sons because she doesn’t want to be with him. There are too many stories like that.

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