28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: The Power of Blue-Thank You, Blupoetres

Support my Big Sister, Blupoetres by clicking here. Also follow her on TikTok (@blupoetres).

Black English Teachers are superheroes! And Blupoetres (known as Ms. EJ to the chosen few), is one of those superheroes!

Being introduced through her through TikTok, I can tell you that my FYP (For You Page) has never been more unapologetically Black! What makes her so amazing is her commitment to the recognition and support of Black children, support of Black children in the arts, as well as the consistent need to decolonize the canon known as American Literature.

She is incredible!

In speaking to her on my podcast, The Writers’ Block (Episode 54. Educator, Teacher & Activist: The Power of Blupoetres), I was made aware of just how far reaching her influence is, and will be, in the life of the students that she teaches. Blupoetres mentors students whom want to go to college, challenges them to think deeply and critically, and to never let anyone take you pen!

From exposing racists on TikTok, completing her MFA (FLEX!), running a Clubhouse writing group, and having her students report to her that they have gotten into an Ivy League School (follow Because of Them We Can on Instagram to see what I mean!), Blupoetres is a gift to this body known as Blackness.

She is indeed a Queen.

Thank you, Blupoetres. Thank you!

You are indeed Black History!

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