28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: The Dopest Thing You Never Knew-The Melanin Library!

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Melanin Library (Chelsea.) (@Melanin_Library) / Twitter

As problematic as TikTok is, it indeed is the new village. It is a place of resources, strength and a reminder that we as Black people are always present, always in need of one another, and together there is nothing we cannot do! From that place, from this free app, I met the incredible Chelsea Lockhart.

Chelsea is now the superhero the internet needs!

Why is this?

This is because she is the powerhouse and visionary behind The Melanin Library–this is a database dedicated to being a lighthouse for authors written by Black writers! Complete with referrals, reviews, and encouragement! But, let Chelsea’s mission statement speak for itself:

This site was created to make finding books by Black authors a simpler experience and to provide a space on the internet where Black authors are celebrated and showcased, without exception.

Without exception.

Without. Exception.

In the age where book banning is arbitrary, erasure of Black people common, and the anti-intellectualism of Black people seems to be gospel (especially for Black people!), the fact this database exists is a reminder that Black people should write, need to write, and one of the best ways to preserve a culture is to write it down. Chelsea is doing a work that is needed, necessary, and motivating! James Baldwin said his job as a writer was to do his work, so when he is needed, he would be there.

Thank you, Chelsea, for allowing us a place–for us–to find the work to keep going.

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