Let me start off by saying this: CRT (Critical Race Theory) is not taught at the K-12 level. I will be taking no questions, neither will I be debating, and nor shall I entertain the descendants of the people whom ate Nat Turner in my comments section. I said what I said.

With that said, since CRT is not at the K-12 level, history is. World History. American History. Even Honors American Histories (I took this in high school, actually). I, as a writer, am a fan of history. Since the Right Wing fascist media has gotten a hold of CRT, they have spun this faster than any web which all three Spider-Men have! They have taken this and made it the flag and hill on which they have chosen to die on!

This–Critical Race Theory. For context, this is how this is defined:

Critical race theory is an academic concept that is more than 40 years old. The core idea is that race is a social construct, and that racism is not merely the product of individual bias or prejudice, but also something embedded in legal systems and policies.

edweek.com, May 18, 2021

Now, with that said, let is get to the meat of this matter. What is being exposed is just how pervasive racism is in this nation, as well as the lengths those who want to maintain, retain power will go to in order to keep it. The way you make a lie truth is if you ban truth. Now, the nation is fighting about the accurate telling of history–because those people in those lynching photos, behind pillow cases with holes in them and pulpits preaching racism, had children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. The White mothers that flipped busses to stop desegregation, they are in quilting circles now. The men that went on night rides, killed Black families for their land, they are teaching their grandsons to fish. They know what they did was wrong, do not want they told because now they see their way to Heaven ain’t clear.

History is a narrative, story-telling even. And for the want of power, a lie has fueled the need to shield their grandchildren and children about the horrible things that they did, while still believing (i.e. indoctrinating) that Black people are inherently evil. History is written by the winners afterall. And in hiding history, you take no ownership, but take all the spoils.

If my Black teenage daughters are old enough to be followed through Target by security when the are only shopping with their own money, then your White child can learn what started that, and learn to anti-racist. The fact remains, as long as racism is given with sugar and othered (“We don’t know who did that, but someone did–we don’t know who), this will prevail.

Teach history–not just the parts you like. That’s the only Bible this nation follows anyway. They won’t raise Jesus, but they will keep raising the forefathers. Hmm, a Black man murdered by the state isn’t a hero, huh?

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