28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS-TikTok Is The Village At Large

As of this month, I have been on TikTok (@whatjayesaid2.0 & @jayesaidwhat) 16 months–it will be two years as of this October. As of this posting, my second account has over 90K followers! Ninety thousand plus!

That is humbling. But I am getting ahead of myself.

This app has given me opportunities, space, and the ability to be as bold as I felt I needed to be, and find a community therein. My tribe is now a mix of beauty, indie writers, podcasters, social justice, pro-Black women, and progressive Christianity.

I like it over here!

But I must say this, I have a love-hate relationship with this app. I truly do! As a Black woman moving in the world, I understand the importance of finding a space in it, as well as knowing when it becomes to be just too damn much! This app has put me in contact with some of the most amazing people whom have become family. And with that–as problematic as it is!–this app is the village now!

That same village that we had before colonization, that we tried to maintain during enslavement, and had after Reconstruction, world wars, the Civil Rights Movement until yesterday. This app is the village now.

TikTok-logo-RGB-Horizontal-white-simplified – The Orchard
TikTok. AKA The Problematic ClockApp. Chile…

But this app is also a hotbed of racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny, misogynoir, and anti-intellectualism. You gotta have thick skin to roll through it. Trust me! But one of things that I love are the lives some of my favorite creators do! It is beautiful to see Black people, talking to other Black people, and creating that ever moving BPS (Black People Space).

Seeing us talk. Us laugh. And us just…BEING BLACK. It is beautiful! It is needed and oh-so necessary! I get my magic refilled when I see certain creators (@cfstory, @tiktoksfavoriteblerd, @blupoetres, and @ebstory–to name a few), get my strength back when I see my TikTok Aunts (Trust, its a thing! Hi @thesilverfox & @bellcurve!), and I now have a gaggle of other brothers, cousins, and sisters on the TikTok side–(@atlfoxy, @sarraye007, @cherylbeeee, @bohemian_diva99, @cocotheelaywer, @thomas_thevillian_bishop, @ayo–whew!) and even found…a love (Hey, @jayesbae36).

We as a people have always made space.

We as a people have always found beauty in each other.

We as a people have always poured back into each other.

We are still beautiful–and the clock app would be nothing without US.

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