28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: The White Coats On TikTok

In a former life, I wanted to be a doctor. A surgeon. Specialty–cardiothoracic. A heart surgeon. I am, afterall, the daughter of a doctor and a nurse. Science is what I have gravitated towards, what I secretly love, and advocate for. And with that, I especially stan Black doctors (and Black nurses–shout to them later this month).


With that said, there is something special about me seeing the young, gifted and Black in white coats. I love seeing Black folk in these white coats! I just do! It is a reminder that melanin looks good wherever we are, whatever we in, and we about to be everything and everywhere!

Yet, for the year that I have been on this problematic clock at (on the cusp of my second warning of being permanently banned), that every time that I see Black doctors, I cry a little bit. And I miss my Daddy a little more (my mom still has his white coat). It reminds of the Color Of Medicine–and I recommend you all watch this as well. Every time I celebrate every Black doctor, it is acknowledging a piece of him too!

As crazy as TikTok is, there Black are researchers that I follow whom have kept my sanity during this pandemic; there are Black ER physicians who remind me to take care of myself; Black residents like Dr. Iggy (follow @doc.iggy!); Black medical students who are changing medicine through representation and the exposing of medical racism even through the imagery of textbooks (it was just last year when I saw a Black woman depicted in a medical textbook, carrying a Black foetus!)! In this time of COVID-19 and confusion, the fact that the researchers and scientists for Moderna (the most effective vaccine of the three available vaccine) was headed by Black women? YASS!

To the Black doctors that I nod to in the elevators–I see you!

I know how hard you worked.

I know what you had to overcome.

I know that you all still fight for us.

I thank you so much. Let no one move you out of the room you fought to get in.


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