28 DAYS OF BLACKNESS: The Resurgence Of Blerds, Part 1

Terminology–Blerd: Black person whom is a nerd.

I am a dedicated Blerd.

My Daddy was a Trekkie, and a fan of all things Star Wars or history-related. The fact that the young man that I am dating is a blerd, it feels like a soulmate. But, let me just say how elated (read: ECSTATIC!) I am to see blerds coming out into the open. I mean, and celebrated in that!

Blackness is big enough that it can withstand examination. One of the things that we as a community need to admit is that there are things which Black kids, Black people do that are seen as outside of the norm (meaning something that more White people do than Black people do), some parts of the Black community want to shame them!

And we shouldn’t.

Anything Black people can do, Black people can do. Know what that means? This means that there is nothing alien or confining to Black people!

You can like math and know how to skate. You can like Star Wars and trap music. You can love reading, writing, and not know how to do hair (this is me, this is me, Torches).

For this Black History Month, can we normalize Black people, just being Black people?

These communities populated by blerds, these blerd conventions even in the midst of COVID (with proper precautions), and with the popularity of the MCU (and the visibility of Black people in that Universe), there is no better time to be a nerd! There is no greater time to be nerdy! And there is no better time to find your nerdy tribe.

I mean, I found mine…and found love in the process.

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