28 Days Of Blackness: Carnell Nicholas, Jr. & The Carnell Stomp

In my younger days, I wanted to me a ballet dancer. And from that, I have been a stan (a complete stan!) of ballet dancers (#MistyCopeland), and all matter of Black folk incorporating rhythm, movement and music! So, imagine my joy when I saw the Carnell Stomp!

When I tell you that I cannot look at WIPE ME DOWN the same way (as problematic as Boosie is!). I saw this young man doing this dance on TikTok last year in a Finish Line and got put out! But, when I saw the tutorial as to how to do this dance, and following him on social media? Oh, yes! I was here for this.

The coolest part of this is it is a throwback to my childhood, and how easy and common it was to have neighborhood kids make up dances.

It is a nod to just how dope Black people are!

I am here for this, and learned how to do it, and I ain’t ashamed to do it around my house when I am not on ZOOM calls.

Keep it up, Carnell!

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