28 Days Of Blackness: The Ida B. Barbie

This space, sacred for Blackness and Black people, has a patron saint: Ida Bell Wells Barnett (1863-1931). Since I was 8 years old, she has been my hero! She has been someone that I have modeled my boldness on and after. So to see this:

Civil Rights Icon Ida B. Wells Set To Get Her Own Barbie Doll In 2022 –  BOTWC
Take this in. Just…TAKE THIS IN!


The woman that is so dynamic, was so revered, and has so influenced my life being made immortal like this? I cried. I could cry now thinking about it! They made Ida B a Barbie!

Representation matters–it absolutely matters, and is needed. I am overcome with a sense of pride, hope and a reminder that I am not the first Black woman to say exactly what I had to say, and meant every last word of it.

I cannot wait to go get this and put it in my writing space!


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