They Gon’ Stop Playing With Tony!

So, it finally happened!

The powers that be, and the powers that record, caught Dr. Anthony Fauci, calling Senator Rand Paul a ‘fucking moron‘.

Who is surprised? Like, WHO?

I am truly waiting on the time when they catch Dr. Fauci on the wrong day, and he morphs into Anthony from Brooklyn to Toni Soprano! Because, trust! It is going to happen!

The WORLD has come for Dr. Fauci for the past three years, and 30 years before then when HIV/AIDS happened (both under Republican administrations which would not give credence or research funding!)! How much longer do y’all think that man is going to be called stupid, Frosted Flake cereal box degreed people playing in his face, before he snap?!

I’ll wait.

Because, honestly? I’m here for it.

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