The Masks (II)

I have always been told that my most striking features are my eyes.

They are brown, soulful, and they are mine. I once wished they were lighter, and thought I would be prettier with lighter eyes (thank you, colorism). Now with COVID, I always feel like I need to at least put on eyeshadow, mascara, lashes and make sure my brows are together to go out!

I mean, I wear my mask the only thing that you see are…my eyes.

Besides the fact that I wear glasses (glasses and masks don’t always work!), and perhaps look a little intense (I am 5’10”, Black and a woman), but the foggy glasses probably diffuses the idea that I’m an Amazon!

The thing that I am learning about wearing my mask everywhere (despite being vaccinated and boosted!), is it is a reminder that…I’m more alone in the world than what I thought. This piece of cloth reminds me that…I’m still all alone in a world that tries its best to erase me anyway.

It’s weird here, Torches–it’s weird here.

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