The Heroes of DoorDash, InstaCart, Uber & Lyft!

I started using Instacart in 2020.

It is now 2022. In April, I will have been using this app for 2 years.

I cannot tell you when I first noticed it! In looking at the App Store, I cannot remember if I had even noticed it before! But when my second marriage fell apart, my ex husband left me with no car, no money and no way to feed my children.

In a pandemic. But that is another matter, and will be discussed on I Breathe Fire (click here to follow) next month going into March 2022.

I mean, that is a different level of stranded, Torches! I couldn’t even go get milk, bread, or washing powder (for my Torches without the Southern translation for this, washing powder is laundry detergent)! With the upbringing that I had, I was taught to be self-reliant while using all the resources at my disposal. My cell phone became a lifeline!

I had to get to work. And back. That was Uber and Lyft.

I had to feed kids. That was Instacart.

It took me about 5 almost 6 months to get car to go to the grocery store: from April 2020 until September 2020. That is humbling! I had to be reliant on other people, the reliability of other people, on order to feed my children–in a time where all I could do, was instructed to do was stay away from people!

With all those whom pick up these secondary incomes to try and make ends meet, I thank you. You all are lifesavers!

Literal and physical lifesavers!

The least I can do is add a tip on the Uber driver, regular Lyft driver, and the people who bring me groceries through InstaCart! The $9.99 subscription fee is completely worth it, and a reminder that someone had to risk there life–to save mine.

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