When No Means…Never?

I don’t know about anyone else, but this pandemic (now endemic) has me valuing when I have to say “Yes” and when I have to say “No”. Right now, it seems like it means more!

At this point, I am vaccinated along with all the people in my social circle (I have a bestie with an autoimmune disease, and a niece with respiratory issues–I HAD to!), and when I say that I am going to b somewhere, or won’t be somewhere–it feels different now.

In the outside times (pre-COVID), I still respected people’s time, but the “yes” and “no” felt different! There was no power behind it! If you told someone that you might swing through, or come by, or meet them to go to brunch or lunch, or on first dates, time didn’t feel so final.

So definite.

Now? It absolutely does!

“Who all over there?” or “Who all comin’?” takes on a different meaning! I mean, I don’t go to places where it is crowded anymore! I really didn’t before, but it feels like I must be more vigilant about that now. If I tell people I am coming somewhere, or will go somewhere, I have to consider travel time, staying time, and how long it will take to get home!

If I say that I cannot be somewhere, my mind doesn’t change. It won’t be changed!


It is this thing, this pandemic, which has made me value my own time…more so! And really understand that if I didn’t want to go anyway, there is no use in lying anymore. They knew I wasn’t coming!

Being an introvert is kind of a blessing now.

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