The Ideal Firestarter: We Got Us

Rundown in case you missed it, or are somehow new here:

This is a Black woman run and founded space. There will be, are no apologies made for that.

This is a space for Black people, run by a Black woman. There can never be a compromise for that.

This is space is accessible to accomplices, not allies. There will never be a reason for those whom fetishize Blackness, but hate Black people, to be here.

Ideas here, themes here are written from the vantage point of a Black woman. Some may challenge, some may anger, and some may make you throw your phone! But my job is to be light, heat and smoke–not a Mammy.

Never a Mammy.

Going into year 6, I have nothing to prove. I have no one to please! I have the work ahead of me, and life before me…and, know what? I can’t wait until next year.

Light. Heat. Smoke.

Ready. Set. GO!

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