DECEMBER 2021 BOOK REVIEW: When Chickenheads Come Home To Roost: A Hip-Hop Feminist Breaks It Down by Joan Morgan

“I need a feminism that can fuck with the grays.” -Joan Morgan

This is the book that I have recommended time and time again to people who wonder where my feminism comes from–this is one of those sources! One of the reasons why I enjoyed this book is because Joan takes from her own life experience to navigate and explain the world around her…and how she navigates it.

And in honesty, this book was written before Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall, but is no less important that Kendall’s work. Joan Morgan encourages as Black women to own all parts of ourselves–no matter what space we are in. Also, being a feminist doesn’t mean that you are no longer feminine!

Morgan encourages us as women (read: Black women) to learn how to rest, as well as war; beware of continually being of having to always be the SBW (Strong Black Woman), and to beware EBM’s (Emasculated Black Men). Whew! That part was a book in itself!

But the reason this book is so amazing is because it dared me to think about my identity in two forms: as being Black, and being a woman–then putting those two identities back together! Whew! Along with being a Black woman raised in what some would call ‘the hip-hop generation’–listening to music that [routinely] disrespects Black women, and taking that same language to refine my identity and own my own sexuality?

Sis, that’s a flex!

This is one of those books I believe which is a stepping stone to helping to put the oxygen mask back onto Black women–because we take care of everyone else, but never ourselves. Words are things, and they mean things–and it means so much more when a Black woman is able to define herself, for herself.

Thank you, Joan.

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