What Exactly IS a Firestarter?

Formula for a Firestarter: Light+Heat+Smoke= Firestarter

Last year, the incredible Rameisha Davis of SINCERELY THESE HANDS , made me a shirt with the 3 definitions of what a Firestarter is. There are three definitions of what make a Firestarter, but let’s discuss one thing:

Firestarter is a NOUN; it is a person, place, thing or idea.

With this in mind, these are the three quantifiers of what make a Firestarter:

1.) One that brings light, heat, and smoke. (more about this later)

2.) Exudes Melanin Magnificence (being Black is lit and not everybody can be it)

3.) Mix of righteousness and ratchet (everything is balance!)

I talked about the bent origins of this space about three years ago and I encourage you all to revisit that as well. But this here, this right here? I am growing into this, owning this space, and every part of myself that I bring to this space, as it is needed and necessary!

On this, the fifth anniversary, I am motivated! I am awe, and I have come too far to go back now.


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