Where Do We Go From Here: Year Number 6!

We are 11 days from the new year. In that 11 days, I can officially say in certain circles that I have been a blogger for 6 years. Come next year, I can say I have owned this piece of internet real estate, for 6 years, and the LLC for it (oh, it’s a thing!) for the last 5 years.

Nah. I’m here to stay, fam!

The thing that I love about the space is that it exists! This space? The one right here? It is forged out of my desire to say what it is I have to say, when I desire to say it. I am for real proud of myself! There are people that I started blogging with, whom got discouraged and stopped! There are people whom I know with a quicker wit than me, who never even started. There are people who told me because my platform wasn’t over a 1000 yet, I should just quit.

Nah. Nall son. Like, quit?


Going into this new year, on this, my 6th year of owning the space that I write on; my 6th year of being a blogger; my 5th year of owning my blog; my third year of being in a writing mentor/space maker, I walk into this 6th year with nothing to prove!

I walk into this year with a knowledge of self, respect for what I do, and refuse to allow someone to make me shrink about anything I build ever again! I’m kicking in 2022, and being that much more of a Torch. As my Daddy, Dr. Richard L. Bush would say, “I’m ready now!”

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