Taking Up And Making Space

There is a pattern to space-making. I mean, my first love David Banner said it best: “It is a curse to be a visionary.” It wasn’t until I really started writing that I understood just what that meant.

As a visionary, you see what isn’t there…and you see what isn’t there.

This space is so special to me, because…I saw it existing. I saw myself running this! I see the potential in it! I want this is be a place where writers can come and learn and launch! I want this to be a place where Blackness is celebrated, excellence uncovered, and allowing us as a people to flourish and keep going.

Think of this space as an oasis and a lighthouse, maybe even a compass every now and then! I have come to far, done too much, to just abandon everything I built. That the wonderful women who helped me build. What the women that came before me inspired me to build.

Yeah, I’m not going no where until I see what is there, and see what is there. Onward to year 6!

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