Celebrate Like A Firestarter-Learning How To Stunt



I thought I was too old to be consider a blogger! That is a millennial term, and as of this past June, I am 10 years from 50 (hush up!)! I won’t lie to you, Torches, I have always considered myself, called myself a writer. Not that being a blogger, was something lesser, but it is something that I didn’t think suited me.

I was ageist…against myself!

I mean I created this space, and still acted somewhat ashamed of it, right? Like, I created this space. I maintain this space. I am the one that powers this space! I am the Light, Heat and Smoke behind every word written on this space. Yet, I was scared to own another portion on this title, this designation, of writer.

But, I’m a writer who blogs. I am a blogger that writes other things. But, I realize that I had to grow into that, and determine what that title means for myself. And, this is no small achievement. I had to hold on to that–letting myself enjoy this journey! There is so much more to come.

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