I have been at the captain of this ship for 5 years. But let me back up a little more. Let’s talk about this origin of this platform a little more.

First things first: being a Black writer is a whole flex! An entire attitude! But when I first started, I had no idea the road ahead of me! NONE! I had no direction, didn’t know what my niche was, and couldn’t figure out just WHAT a blogger is, was or does!

I mean, I had a website. Cool.

I wrote on it sometimes. Cool.

But it wasn’t until I got around a few other bloggers (Black Bloggers United was a HUGE help! And that is where I met my writer-fashionista friend AK Brown!), that I began to take this thing seriously! I started mapping out ‘writing days’, paying attention to the world around me (moreso!), develop my social media presence, building networks!

I found my voice!

I built confidence!

I was getting noticed!

I remember when I first SHARED my blog! I cried. This thing that I had wanted to do since I was 13–I was now doing!

I even had Winnie help with my very first tag line (I didn’t even know I needed one)! The original one was, “The Big Sister In A Blog You Always Wanted.”

Sweet? Yes. Corny? Probably.

But that was my niche: razor sharp wit, light (bring awareness), heat (don’t back down)and smoke (I said what I said, ala NeNe Leekes!)

But in the talks with my mom, I got the new tagline, “It’s gotta be said, and gotta be said by somebody.” That indeed, is what powers this space, and all other writing activism I do…it’s gotta be said. It’s gotta be written. It’s gotta be done.

And right now? That somebody is me.

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