This is space would not be what it is without the people that believed in me. I make no apologies for thanking them now.

My Mother, Bessie. The woman God knew that was strong enough to bring a Firestarter into the world. I thank her for being a sounding board, anchor, and silent consultant. She still asks me to this day, “But are you still writing.”

My children, The Mini Avengers. They are my motivation to keep going. Being a pioneer means nothing if there is no trail to follow. Pioneers leave trails and lights.

My Writing Besties, AKA Squad.


Thank you for helping me to realize that I have more talent that I thought and I never need to hide it. The platform I need, I may have to make. Thank you, Sis.

Tiffany and Raquel-

Thank you for the blessing that is Big Black Chapters. Thank you for reminding me that indeed Black writers matter–and we are our own superheroes.

My best friend, Marissa. Thank you for loving me as a sister, and being unafraid to push me towards where I need to go. You are invaluable.

My Staff.


Thank you for believing in this loud Black girl on the internet! Thank you for your support, your counsel, and believing in me. Even Batman had Robin! Thank you is only the simplest way to be grateful to all that you have done.


Thank you for listening to a girl that only wanted to say what she felt she needed to say. You are indeed a star.


Started from the bottom, now we here! Thank you for believing in me, speaking to gifts, adding your magic to my own. Thank you! YOU CAN’T SPELL HUSTLE WITHOUT STL!


Thank you for believing in this space enough to draw from it, be strengthened by it, and I hope, all that you desire, you surpass.

The followers: you–The Torches.

Across three platforms, there are over 14,000 of you that follow this space. There are those that follow on Instagram (13.9k), this space (478), and Twitter (300), I am completely grateful for. All organic! I am grateful for each and every one of you. Thankful that you follow, that you read, that you interact. I am grateful.

Thank you.

All of you.

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