The new Miss USA is Black, Josephine Baker is now in the French Pantheon, people still waiting on stimmy’s, Big Cousin Stacey running for governor again, and there was a shooting in Michigan–and we had to call our favorite Golden Girl: Betty White.

Let’s get it!

#MissUSA #BlackGirlTakeOver #BlackAllDay #ElleSmith #BeautyIsBlack #BlackIsBeauty #BlackWomenDoEverythingBetter

Elle Smith is Miss USA and her everything is all I needed for this week! I truly did! I am loving how Black women like WINNING these pageants, my G! Like everything being slayed, stunted and turned over! I need more Black girls to be celebrated publicly, opening and winning these crowns!

They do look so good on us…

#GeorgiaOnMyMind #StaceyAbrams #Voting #FairFight #Election2022 #NewDay #TurnGeorgiaBlue #Donating

Stacey Abrams is running for governor of Georgia.

Read it again: Stacey Abrams is running for governor.

Donate to her campaign because that white man in Georgia stole her job. Let the devil go down to Georgia for real–so let’s get him gone! Donate here.

#JoesphineBaker #BlackWoman #Paris #France #ThePantheon #ParisFrance #WWII #Resistence #FrenchResistence #Soldier #Spy #STLKids

One of the reasons I am proud to be from St. Louis is not Nelly. The real reason I am proud to be from my hometown is Josephine Baker. Google her. Just…GOOGLE her! Her life was so incredible, that you would think she was a superhero! When I found out who she was, where she was from, and what she did? Oh my–it was over! I love Josephine, like I love Dorothy and like I love Billie and Eartha.

For the life of one of my heroes to be so honored to the point that she is going to be put in the PANTHEON IN FRANCE! FRANCE! Man, lookahere! I always wanted to go to Paris, but now I NEED to go! My ancestor mother is a WHOLE HERO!



This week is dedicated to the memory of Ms. Josephine Baker. (1906-1975)

Dancer. Entertainer. Solider. Spy. Black woman.

Figure de la Résistance, Joséphine Baker va entrer au Panthéon

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