Before The End Of Things

This is the time of year where introspection is slapped on gift, cards, and in the form of all things material.

But for me? This is where I begin to believe that there is something deeper about going to the end of the year. Like, the END of a year, Torches? In two years of a global pandemic, being Black in America, and trying get to work on time.

But this year? The end of this month? It feels longer than 30 days. But, that’s not bad thing. I am looking forward to what the rest of this year has to offer, Torches. I am looking forward to what it is God has for me, wants for me, and pressing towards where I need to be.

This attitude of radical gratitude has come from the realization that a year ago, life was completely different! I was working nights, unhappy, and newly separated–in the midst of a pandemic. This year? I am content, healthy, happy and in loving relationship–with myself!

As this month ends, Torches, do a quick inventory. Is this year better? Think hard. If it is, that is cause to be grateful.

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