This Day Is Complicated…

Much love to the Indigenous Torches on this day. My heart is with you.

I have been on the problematic clock app known as TikTok for over a year (Happy Anniversary to me!), and one of the hidden gems of this app is Native TikTok (shouts to Lance (Modern Warrior) and my favorite couple, Mia and Jay (the Warpaths). I have learned so much from this portion of the app, and when I am in the presence of a Native American/Indigenous person–I listen. Which brings me to this holiday and it’s ‘celebration‘.

At this point, let’s be honest. This nation has an unhealthy relationship with food anyway! We eat for everything! But, I digress. This holiday, with knowing what I know now? It is somber. It is quiet. It is indeed a time of reflection (especially now with the recovery of over 7000 children from the grounds of ‘residential schools’)…and gratitude.


This gratitude now comes from being able to realize the lie of this holiday, and be grateful for who I have in my life. That’s what I did this year, reflect.

In that reflection, I had to admit that for what I want to do, the person I want to be in the world, I have to be willing to confront lie when I see it, when I hear it…and even when I learn it.

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