For The Right Now

Too often we concentrate on getting ‘there’.

To that I ask, where is ‘there’? What is ‘there’? And what is the rush to get to a destination that will just keep changing?

In this month of radical gratitude, I want you all to understand three things:

1.) What is your there?

2.) Why do to have to get there?

3.) Are you going to enjoy the process to get there?

It’s easy to get caught up in time and not give yourself credit for what you have already done, shortchanging what you have done, and being hyper-focused on ‘there’. Radical gratitude counters that by asking you to do these things:

1.) What is the rush to get there?

2.) Who is going to get you there?

3.) Is it possible to be grateful as you go?

The key to getting to your destination is being grateful that you have one.

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