The Bigger Things

This month, this year, I am elated about the little things.

Sleeping late.

Shoes in my size.

Movies I like finally on streaming devices.

But I have made the conscious choice to put energy towards what is important. This shift in priorities has lead me to remember this: life is precious.

I know that sounds trite, but at this level of life? I refuse to be engaged or entangled with anything that demands my life energy as payment! The things that I have deemed important, I need all focus for! What is the antidote for that type or soul-sucking distraction: gratitude.

I have found that being grateful allows me to focus on what I have, not what I want. Or think I want. Being grateful allows me to appreciate what I have. This way, I don’t have to put energy or focus towards what isn’t already mine.

When I center myself that way, I get to let my own light shine. After all, I am a Torch.

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