BOOK REVIEW October 2021: The Taking Of Jake Livingston By Ryan Douglass

The Taking of Jake Livingston (Hardcover)

Jake is Black, gay and a medium.

Already, I was sold! With this being spooky season, this book is one that is definitely one which I would recommend, and could see my own kids reading. But I am getting ahead of myself.

Jake is a medium: one with second sight or being ‘sensitive’ as the old witch women would say. He sees people die, and in their death loops (doing the last thing they were doing before they died). There are ghouls, ectomist, and a crazy older brother, that is selling weed, doesn’t believe in Jake’s abilities, and smashing every girl he sees.

Then there is Sawyer. Sawyer Dunne.

A white school shooter whom will not cross over into his reward, because is just that vindictive! You almost feel sorry for him–until you don’t feel sorry for him! Sawyer goads Jake, defying all that he knows about ghouls, death loops, and attempts to take over Jake’s body. You heard what I said: TAKE OVER JAKE’S BODY!

I won’t even lie to you, this book’s pacing is perfect for this type of genre and its audience. It allowed me as a horror fan (an old gothic aunt, or grown emo kid at this point!), to call back to all I knew about vengeful spirits, and how to vanquish them (note: it is said you have to say, “What in the name of the Lord do you want?” And then they have to tell you–then go away. I’m just here to help!). When Jake and his friends run up on Sawyer’s mom’s house to get his journal? Oh, I was screaming!

When Jake let Raven into his body to fight off Sawyer at the school where the shooting happened? Oh, it was badass (that is not the only time we see Raven either–spoiler!)! Then, when Jake tries to appease Sawyer and let him in his body?! To make all this madness stop?! After Saywer killed three people AFTER SAWYER WAS DEAD?!


This is one of those books were the Audible version truly gives you the reading experience you deserve. This book? Everything.

Brava, Ryan!

P.S. Ryan, I need more from Jake…and his bae.

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