Things Scarier Than Being Black: Dark Basements & Stairs

Let me tell you this: your favorite Firestarter loves house shopping!

And my hometown is historic, with a plethora of old houses! I also have picked out my dream home. Sigh. But there’s the other thing about me–I am a writer with a vivid imagination, with a kink towards Abnormal Psychology and true crime.

Man. Look.

One of the things about liking houses, and old houses (especially in the Midwest!) is the size of the basement. In being a Midwest kid, I am unaware of what a house is without a basement would even look like! But the thing is this–serial killers use basements. Joe Goldberg had the cage in the basement! John Wayne Gacy put his victims in his crawlspace!


I mean, there was a serial killer in St. Louis not even 20 years ago that was snatching sex workers off the street, torturing and killing them in the basement! That same house–the same house!–was up for sale years later. The woman that bought the house (or was renting it, I forget which) said that it was haunted–AND that the realtor never told her the history of the house.

This is why when I got house shopping or to open houses, I make sure there is adequate light (read: lots), and there is a back door to get out. You never know when you might need that information.

Not all the monsters are under the bed.

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