Things Scarier Than Being Black: Losing Your Phone

I am old enough to remember when cell phones were in cars, and pagers were not alphanumeric.

And since I have been eligible to have a cell phone (thanks Clueless!), one of the scariest thing is still losing my phone! Lookahere, and let me put it this way:

I am a Black woman, with children, in a global pandemic. If we are honest, the Zombie Apocalypse can happen tomorrow! And My entire life and lives of my children are on a device! That I have to insure! In the age of smartphones, I can honestly say I have never lost of a cell phone–knock on wood!

The reason why: these things are expensive! I mean, we are in the age of iPhone 13 Pro Max! Cell phones are as much as house payments! So, to talk about losing that–on top of all the info on it (the Cloud is amazing, don’t get me wrong!)? Losing it! No! I mean, just recently my youngest daughter lost her phone in a public place! I was on the phone with T-Mobile for almost an hour trying to figure out how and if I could track this phone for this 12-year-old child!

Whew. Just…whew.


At this point, it would be like losing my purse. I can’t do it…I just can’t do it.

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