Talk About It Tuesday-10/26/2021

It is the final season of INSECURE on HBO!

And this last episode? Oh my! There was the great and bold Amanda Seales pretending to be a part of the Divine 9: an AKA (Alpha Kappa Alpha). Now, my godmother is an SGR (Sigma Gamma Rho), and some of my own mentors are Deltas (Delta Sigma Theta). I mean, the patron saint of this space–Ida Bell Wells Barnett!–she was a Delta!

But all of the Black Greek internet is UPSET that there was a depiction of an AKA! Just the depiction was just–OOH! I mean, that community is–they do not play about things like this! At all! Now, to be fair, I don’t now if Amanda’s character had all the accoutrement that an actual soror would have. But, the response the internet right now? And to come?

Oh my!

Like, y’all are this mad that a Black woman, on a Black run show, with a Black ass cast, had a character who dressed up as an AKA and y’all are pressed like a white shirt?

I. Am. Confusion.


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