Things Scarier Than Being Black-Writing A Resume

There is something to be said about putting yourself on paper. There is something to be said about narrowing down your life to skills, dates and places you worked. Setting aside the biases as it relates to names on a resume for a hot second! The scary thing to me is putting all that I have done, all that I plan to do, jobs I barely remember that I had, in a place where people then need to judge what I have done, in order to work for them!

It’s trash.

It is hot, fiery, funky trash!

I feel like I never know what to put, what more to put in, or is it even okay to put supervisors I don’t like on this (who I know didn’t like me!) in get me a new job! I hate that.

I truly do!

As a writer, one of things thing I struggle with (aka that I fear!) is leaving something that is needed out! A resume is something that has to stand on its own, and be concise enough, succinct enough, that it leaves no room for a doubt!

Yet…it can’t be 10 pages long either.

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