Stimulus checks are coming again, the Michael Meyers movie might be crazier than anything else, gas it still high, and Christmas is in two months, and General Colin Powell is gone! Whew! Erykah Badu said it best–“where in the world is all the time!”

Let’s get it!

#BrianLaundie #MissingWhiteWomanSyndrome #FedsKnow #HisParentsKnew #CrimeAndPunishment #ThereItIs #WhatItReallyHim

I will say again: I do not care that Gabby Pettino went missing, but it is terrible that she is no longer in the world. Being honest, Torches? With the whole world looking for him, including the trash fire that is Dog the Bounty Hunter, and no one finding him?

Nah. Nall. No.

I knew he wasn’t alive. I just…KNEW it.

With his parents (whom were uncooperative before!) ‘joining’ the search this week? And then finding him? How silly do they think that we are? Nall–that’s a whole set up. And ENTIRE conspiracy! He killed that girl and ran…and pulled his parents into it. Just…wow.

#StimulusMoney #ItsBiggerThanChecks #MakeTheMoneyWork #ByAnyMeansNecessary #GoingIntoYearTwo #WorkTheMoney #ThisIsWhatItIs #ButWhat

I’ll be honest with you, Torches.

I just got my stimmy. There was all kinda madness happening! But I need you all to understand that the people who need this money, truly NEED this money! What I really wish folk whom have always had money would understand, that people would rather earn their money! Or at the absolute minimum, not be abused to get it! I can’t speak for anyone else, but this pandemic has shown me two things: (1) capitalism is evil and (2) capitalism is soul-sucking. There are people that are pulling gigs and hustles out of retirement only to make sure that their kids eat and their lights stay on!

The fact that the government gives us these intermittent checks, rather than a monthly stipend?! And are MAD that we can’t stretch not enough into more than enough? What is this?!

America is a rat trap inside a burning building.

#GeneralPowell #GeneralColinPowell #BlackHistory #BlackFuture #WeGotNext #RestEasy #HereComesTheGeneral

General Powell was 84. The same age as my grandmother when she died.

Aside from my father, Colin Powell was the coolest Black man I had ever seen.

His passing is a reminder that the giants are aging.

That’s a little scary…and there is nothing we can do about it.

I’m back now y’all!

See you next week!

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