Things Scarier Than Being Black: Sick Kids

I have teenage kids now.

They are 19 months apart, and being their mother is one of the scariest, amazing, frustrating things I have done. But the one thing that I will say is the scariest things in the world is to have either one of them be sick.

I mean, by the time I was 28 I had 2 kids, and an ex-husband! I had to pay people to take care of my kids! As anyone whom has delved in to the maddening hell of day care providers can vouch, those places are sess pools! My kids were constantly picking up colds, viruses, ringworm! Man!

The fear that I had about having to keep my kids home while still needed to go to work, that there be no one else that could help me?! That is traumatizing! That is frustrating and draining and confusion.

This goes beyond and yet is wrapped up in access to healthcare. Kids are germ factories around other germ factories, whom come home to tired parents who have been around other germ factories–it’s monotonous. It’s aggravating, and you haven’t lived until you have a child that is screaming because they have vomited all over the floor, and barely made it to the toilet!

And when they get you sick, after being sick themselves?!

Oh, now it’s a party.

Note: On top of COVID, it is cold and flu season–wash your hands, stay away from people and wear a mask. Pfizer hasn’t given approval for the vaccine for 5-11 year old’s…just yet.

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