This week I get my Tiktok account banned (@whatjayesaid is dead! I am devastated!), the remains of a 1,000 enslaved people were found beneath a Staten Island parking lot, a Maryland man choked a woman in Newark and threw her down the stairs, and Auntie Jenifer Lewis reminds us that people that don’t want to wear masks are not oppressed–they are uncomfortable.

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I got on TikTok because my best friend thought I had a lot to say (…and I do). I created @whatjayesaid a year ago, and built that platform to over 30,000 followers. I built that with the help of the Lord, talent, and my big mouth. And I was so proud of it! The followers of the page, my Jayebirds, knew they had a home, an ear, and love.

But after 5 bans, and multiple warnings and however many people that mass reported me, now I have to start over again. I mean, I met new bae on that page! Like, there are memories attached to it! Now, I have to contend with TikTok to get all my videos back–I don’t even know how many there are.


But, am I about to shut up? No.

#Ancestors #TheRocksAreCryingOut #HereWeGo #Evidence #StatenIsland #ChattelSlavery #ParkingsLots #AParkingLot #WhatAreWeMissing

Black people in the nation….just…how do you ‘find’ the remains of Black people under a parking lot in Staten Island?

Just…how? Where the remains not there when these people bulldozed and poured concrete?! I am confused and completely pissed off.

I would cry if it would help.

Ain’t no rest for us…we even got to fight to be left alone when we leave this raggedy planet.

I hate it here!

#AuntieJen #JeniferLewis #TruthTelling #TheMotherOfBlackHollywood #Facts #TellumAgain #STLKids #JeniferLewisForPresident

Shamless plug: Read The Mother of Black Hollywood. Now, let’s get it.

As a fellow, St. Louis Kid, I rejoice in anything and she does! ANYTHING! Her video that reminds those palm-colored people who think wearing masks are an oppression. It’s not.

Man, at this point, then let us agree to this one thing-

COVID is real. COVID can kill people. Either wear a mask, get vaccinated or just…HUSH.

You are not oppressed–you are inconvenienced and a class of white people equates any(!) inconvenience as oppression.

Grow up.

Remember–being Black is lit, and not everyone can be it!

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