Talk About It Tuesday-10/12/2021

It’s Spooky Season, Torches!

For as old as we all are, Torches, those of us of a certain age, still don’t (or won’t say) CANDYMAN 5 times fast in a mirror. I, being at my big age of 40, still won’t and don’t. With that said, I plan on seeing it when my other half visits later this week. But with that said, have y’all see it yet?

Or is the better questions–WILL YOU SEE IT?

There are still Black folk who still think the scariest Black man in the world who can walk through, up, down and over any hood, set or planet is Tony Todd (the original Candyman)! And from what Bae told me–he makes a cameo.

I want to see it. I think I need to see it. Besides, everyone needs a wingman when you watch a Jordan Peele movie! The frosting on this though, the BONUS, on this is a BLACK WOMAN is the director of it!

I cannot wait…but I still think that I might be alright. I hope.


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