This week included National Podcast Day, people are using hydrogen peroxide in nebulizers, Neil Gaiman has released Sandman Act II, Jelani Day is missing, and Michael K. Williams is now and ancestor! It’s a new month, and two months to the end of the year! Where is Jesus with the reset button?!

Let’s get it!

#JelaniDay #MissingBlackPeople #BlackLivesMatter #FindJelaniDay #BlackMenMatter #SocialMediaSearches #WhereIsJelani

When white people go missing the world turns upside down! When Black people go missing, they are a hashtag!

I am too mad to be profound here! I will say this with all power I can muster:


#Ancestors #MichaelKWilliams #BlackLivesMatter #NotReady #TheArts #BlackActorsMatter #BlackActors #StorytellersAndOracles

Michael K. Williams was a whole powerhouse!

I cannot help but think about what Afeni Shakur said about why The Arts are so important to Black children. In hearing of his passing, I screamed in my soul’s quiet place. There is power to Black actors that is dual: ancestral and powerful. Acting, like writing, is a crucial part of the Arts!

I am reminded of how it was the prestigious alumnus of Howard that helped to get Chadwick Boseman and other Black actors to a acting camp in England! Just like we root for Black children to be ball players–why can’t we celebrate them being artists as well?

Acting is for US too.

#AnythingButAVaccine #TheyDoingWhatNow #Science #COVID #COVIDWitchcraft #HowLord #WhyLord #WhatLevelOfJumanjiIsThis

There is a…this level of lunacy is reserved for a Looney Tunes cartoon.

Sweet Georgia Brown, I cannot believe that I have to say this, but I am. Please do not mainline, ingest, drink or inhale hydrogen peroxide. It is not a nebulizer treatment.

Peroxide is for outside the body. Not inside.

Get vaccinated or wear a mask. Lordt.

See you next week!

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