Talk About It Tuesday-09/28/2021

I still blame my best friend for getting me on TikTok (Follow me: @whatjayesaid/@jayesaidwhat) for telling her that!). With that said, there was a story that came across my back up account (@jayesaidwhat), which I had to weigh in on.

There was a Black transwoman whom detailed her SRS surgery on TikTok: from her check-in, to her treatment, to her pain management! Everything in me was beyond irritated! As a Black woman whom has done bedside work, and been a patient, there is nothing so dehumanizing as telling someone you are in pain and not believed for it. Or not having your pain be treated accordingly!

She even talks around a cis-het Black man that did her check in the morning of her surgery that was being homophobic?! Like?! What?!

The fact that this happened to this Black trans woman hit me different. I was upset for her as a woman, and I was mad because this was a Black woman that this happened to!


There are Black people whom are STILL roaming around unvaccinated, believing that if they get sick, they will either treat themselves or go to the hospital to be helped–but you don’t believe in a vaccine? None of this makes sense.

I am irritated that this happened to her, I am irritated that this keeps happening to us as a people, and that sometimes the biggest antagonists to life being better for you, are the people that look like you.


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