COVID-19 parties, people are still made about vaccinations, people are getting locked up for making fake vaccine cards for a free vaccine and, the Cornstarch Confederates tried to kidnap a principal–because of course they did–since the principal tried to keep kids safe from a deadly pandemic with no vaccine in sight quite yet! Whew! We may not ever get out of this…

Let’s get it!

#Education #TheyDoNotGetPaidEnoughForThis #COVID #ZipTies #WatchWhitnessWork #PayTeachers #PayPrincipals

Three white men went into a school to ‘arrest’ a principal because one of them were upset because their child was sent home because of exposure to COVID. Whenever stupid White men are in groups, there are nothing positive that can come of it. I said what I said! So the fact they felt so self-assured to do this? So truly get in their cars, get gas, and make a plan to do this–confront the principal and threaten to arrest her (I thought of Gov. Gretchen in Michigan, I won’t lie to you!)? Then for them to be charged with trespassing?

Torches, we are in weird times. This is not the precedent that needs to be set. And I am actually afraid.

#RespectBlackWomen #TikTok #RaiseYourSons #ProtectYourDaughters #ThisAintRight #No #HarassHerForWhat #TheClapBackIsAMust

As of next month, I will have been on TikTok (@whatjayesaid/@jayesaidwhat) for a year. A whole year. At this point, I truly cannot understand–still!–how easy it is to disrespect Black women. There is a young woman that I follow (@thatbrownguurl) that was celebrating her relationship on her Twitter page and she was harrassed and attacked. Why?

She celebrated being in a relationship for a year with a young man she was friend with only 8 years before.

Read it again. That is the reason why. So because of the super power of toxic masculinity, they said the most hateful, disrespectful things to her because they didn’t like her celebrating this (again, don’t even know why that would be a thing!), BUT got mad at her when she clapped back–AFTER being accosted first? But she’s the one that is the problem?

Also–these same men in name only attacked her boyfriend because he was with her, loves her, and respects her?

This is the problem. This is truly the problem.

Some men–Black or White–have a truly problem accepting that Black women are happy and capable of being happy. And that is troubling.

#IWentViralIThink #DeathbedConfessions #SocialMedia #Racism #TriggerWarnings #IMeantWhatISaid #Buzzfeed

This week I commented on a video that a nurse commented on, and it took off. The post was based on a tweet which said how nursing school does NOT prepare nurses for all the deathbed confessions that they hear. I would agree! This particular nurse spoke about this older White woman whom was dying of COVID-19. She said that she was responsible for the death of a young Black man whom she lied and said he’d touched her ‘behind the grocery store’ in 1936 Louisiana. Why? His sisters had prettier dresses than see did, she she didn’t like that. And, according to this nurse, this woman saw ‘a Black boy in her room watching her.’

Dueting this video was not good enough.

I weighed in on this, because the thing that stuck with me was if she was a teenager when this happened, and now dying in 2021, she lived (possibly) 70 more years after that happened. She was responsible for the death of someone’s son, this displacement of a family, over DRESSES.


Trust, these people don’t get away with anything not in this life, or the other.

See y’all next week!


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