So by now, we have all heard about what Nicki Minaj said about the vaccine, her cousin, and someone’s gentials. Here is the refresher:

Now, I’m not a doctor, but that doesn’t sound like an issue related to the vaccine. But it goes on! Now, she is mad at Joy-Ann Reid (whom I adore!) about how she reacted to this vaccine. Nicki is LARGE UPSET that Joy-Ann was outraged about this! She, Nicki–with the questionable husband–said this:

Nicki Minaj Calls Joy Reid a “Lying Homophobic C**n “After Host Blasts Her  Vaccination Stance - Stage Rave

Now, let me say this. When you say things in public, on public platforms, as a public figure, you cannot be shocked that public figures respond! This topic of vaccinations is a hot button anyway! And let’s not forget the craziness that Nicki said about Harriet Tubman. As my sister CF Story (TT: @cfstory/ IG: @colorfullstory) said: RAPPERS ARE NOT DOCTORS. This ain’t shots at Nicki–this is a reminder that we all need to do better. Like immediately.

Y’all are so tiring with this. If you don’t want to get vaccinated–at this point, do you!–but don’t be out here promoting misinformation.


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