I Remember Blackness: I Loved Tevin Campbell

The first time I heard Tevin Campbell sing I was like 10 or 11. And the first song that I remember hearing his voice on was “Tomorrow (A Better You, Better Me)“, and my middle school played that song for every even that our middle school had. Like EVERY event. And from then, it was on!

I had the parent that still were determined to tell me what I can and cannot listen to. So, every thing tape that I had, they made a point of listening to first–this is where the work around of a mixtape came in! But as far as Tevin was concerned? Oh, I thought he was so cute, and he could sing too? Oh, I was hear for it! I still know all the words to Can We Talk and I’m Ready (thank you, BET Countdown!)

I believe that one of things that made Tevin so special was that in the emerging world of what we now know and can classify as ‘gangster rap’ it was a different! I–as a Black girl–I felt special and seen. I felt that maybe, good guys did exist and sex wasn’t the only thing that they wanted. Even now, when I think about Tevin Campbell songs, I still grin.

I wonder if he is on Apple Music…?

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