The director Steve McQueen is letting have on whiteness, Candyman got a whole resurgence, Sheng Chi about to be a whole blockbuster, and it was a just now a year that we lost our King. What a week! But we will make it, Torches! We gon make it!

Let’s get it!

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There is a video circulating on Tiktok that has Steve McQueen reading a roomful–a ROOMFUL!–of white directors. About WHAT you might ask? Steve pointed out how and why there was a severe lack of people that looked like the communities they were representing!

I mean…where is the lie?

Answer: there isn’t one.

There is a reckoning that is coming for the entertainment industry! There has to be! No longer can just white people tell the stories that white people want to tell! Meaning, that as much as white people want to dominate the entire narrative, they cannot! I mean, this land is stolen–so the people that stole this land can’t be the only people that can tell a story!

We are in the room, and we have no intention of leaving it!

#SpookySeason #Halloween #Candyman #NiaDeCosta #BlacknessAintMoving #MonkeypawProductions #Legacy #Horror #BlackHorror #BlackHorrorMatters

Tananarive Due said, “Black history is Black horror.”

I am inclined to stan this statement! With the fandom of ‘Black horror’ being a thing, and white people thinking that Jordan Peele can make anything, let is get one thing straight. This Candyman movie was directed and co-written by a Black woman! In being honest, this is the reason that I am going to see it! This is the reason that I want to see it!

This movie indeed was based off a short story by a white man, true enough.

This movie is what made Tony Todd THEE most unfuckwitable Black man ever, and Chicago an even scarier place.

Yet, there is something powerful about having Black folk do this movie, and revamp this movie! We all know it was supposed to come out last year–thanks COVID! But, this here.


This about to be a cultural event.

#Chadwick #ChadwickBoseman #OurKing #OneYearLater #TChalla #KingThings #HereWeGo #WhatNow #StillFresh #WakandaIsForever #WeWillRemember

When I learned that Chadwick Boseman died, I thought it was a lie. It had to be! In learning that he indeed was dead, I cried. I saw my oldest daughter’s heart break, and I had to pretend mine wasn’t to be her mother to let her know life would not end. In this, a year after his passing–after his posthumous Academy Award nomination–his loss fills larger than it did a year ago.

I will never tire of saying this: WE. WERE. ROBBED.

In this loss, as a Blerd, I have a secret joy–my grandchildren will know who he is.

This only confirms what I told my daughter when T’Challa was caught up in The Snap during Infinity War–“No one really dies in the MCU.”

Truly, no one dies in the MCU. We remember…and smile through these tears.

RIH Chadwick. We miss you, Chad.

See y’all next week!

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