September 2021-BOOK REVIEW: Fat Girl Finishing School by Rachel Wiley

Note: There are few books I recommend that you listen to on Audible, but this one is one that you definitely should. Power–thy name is Rachel! -JBH

Fat Girl Finishing School - Button Poetry

Where do I start with this book? Just…WHEW! But let me start again.

I came across Rachel Wiley through the gift that is Button Poetry–with the poem 10 THOUGHTS ON BEING LOVED BY A SKINNY BOY (which is included in this work). And, I have been a fan of hers–ever since. What I did not know what that Rachel…is Black. To look at her, you would think the opposite. To hear her perform her own work is nothing short of watching a thunderstorm roll in–you hear the power before you ever see the storm.


There is a power to this work that is bold, and fresh and it made me purchase the book on Audible AND Kindle. I might get it in paperback too! But the reason why you need to get this book is because it is needed.

For every girl that was given stipulations on her ambition because of the social trifecta (sex, size and race), this book navigates all three of these–without flinching. From her poem for Amy Winehouse, to her navigating sex with men that didn’t know how to value her, and even to the love letters to her own body–this book is medicine.

I felt seen. And heard. And held tight as to not to be lost in the chaos of the unseeing of the world again!

Get this book on Audible to truly have an experience! I have included the Table of Contents and my personal favorites below (this is not the complete Table of Contents, but some of may favorites are on here):

Fat Girl Finishing School - Button Poetry
Favorites: Brass Knuckles. Ode to Tracy Turnblad, How to Become A Heretic, Conversations With My Father In a Dunk Tank, Hoarder and Gorgon.

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