The sympathetic stories of the unvaccinated are daunting, Shaq Brewster gets assaulted on a beach in Mississippi while doing his job on live television, the Taliban has taken over Afghanistan (again), and the only Sharia law the faithful Ivermectin Orange Thanos worshippers is when they are in control of it! Whew! Let me out, oh God! Let me out!

Let’s get it!

#Ivermectin #Medicine #Process #How #HowLong #WhoStartedThis #Why #VaccinesWork #WhoWouldTakeThisOnPurpose

Why are y’all–why?!

Why are people taking things that 4-legged animals are given for parasites? Why? Just…why? If I were not alive to see this, I would swear this was a the 27th season of The Twilight Zone. It has to be at this point! It just be at this point!

So, the broken vox populi of the teat of Cinnamon Hitler Nero are now taking something for HORSES and other LIVESTOCK, rather than vaccine tested and made for people?


Okay. Got it.

#MSNBC #ShaqBrewster #Hurricanes #HurricaneSeason #NoBusiness #EqualOpportunityHands #HandsRatedEForEverybody #LeavePeopleAlone #ShaqWasAtWork

I am getting so tired. I am getting exhausted!

How does one attain, buy or sell the level of audacity this random white pick-up driving white man had in order to run up on a Black man doing his job? Is there an Amazon code? Is there an subscription service?

This Black man is at work, on live television reporting on an impending hurricane and you as a Mayo Muppet run up on him to tell him how to do his job! In Southern Mississippi? So, this is where we are now?! I just…Shaq should have hit him in the mouth with that microphone.

I said what I said.

#CarolynBryant #ConfrontWhiteWomen #DismantleWhiteSupremacy #FightingTheAir #Memories #SayHisName #ThisIs #ThisIsWhyWeNeededLovecraftCountry

Carolyn Bryant’s name is in the internet streets again. Yet…the whereabouts of Carolyn Bryant are still a family secret and she is 87. Her memoir is due to be released in 2036.

In the next 15 years, I will 55. I am determined to be alive to see it published. She is deserving of the hottest circle of Hell. Thee HOTTEST. To know that she admitted that she made this story up, and the child is dead because she lied.


This is why Lovecraft Country is so amazing of a show! For everything that the Black folk on that show encounter, the most evil thing is still the racist White people.

Let that sink in.

See y’all next week!

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