South Florida doctors are walking out, witches on Redditt believe that they can CURSE Allah, and parents are still fighting mask mandates, and the disciples of Orange Thanos are waiting for his return more than they do Jesus! Is it New Years’ yet!

Let’s get it!

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Seventy-five doctors staged a walk out at a hospital in Palm Beach Gardens. Why? The influx of the unvaccinated. They are tired. They are stressed. They are tired of seeing people die. I mean–all I will say is when I hear about this story this week, I cheered! I honestly cheered!

At the end of the year we will be in this pandemic for almost 2 years worldwide, and over 500,000 people have died! At some end, what are the medical staff supposed to do? What are the supposed to do! Orange Thanos told people to drink bleach and stand in the sun–and they did! If the science doesn’t make enough sense to get ‘the jab’, then when you get COVID-19, when you contract the DELTA variant, don’t go to the hospital! This is why this nation is like it is–no one wants to listen, and too many people that don’t read think they are right.

#Redditt #How #ThisIs #AreTheySerious #NoMoreInternetForMe #ReddittWitches #WitchesOnRedditt #TheseWitchesCannotBeMelaninated

When I heard this on TikTok, I had to listen to this twice. I listened to it twice, because it sounded incredulous! I mean–what?! What am I missing?! With the Taliban in power again (because they waited out the American presence there!), since diplomacy isn’t going to work–Redditt witches will?!


I wept I laughed so hard.


These women watched CHARMED one time, and The Craft for several other times, now they believe they can bind Allah, in order to stop the Taliban?

Okay. Sure, Jan.

These must be the same witches that believed they could have stopped Orange Thanos too.

#Vaccines #Masks #Science #Why #Schools #ForTheKids #WuTangIsForTheKids #WashYourHands #ItsAPandemic

All I am going to say is this:

Science is real.

COVID-19 is real.

Coffins come in all shapes.

Take a pick of what you want to endure to get through this pandemic. As for me and mine, we’re vaccinated.

See you next week!

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