For Our DoubleDeeMuva & The Blaqurate News

Follow the amazing Tiffany C. Jones on TikTok (@therealdoubledeemuva), follow Political Tea Talk on YouTube and stay tuned for her podcast: The Real Tea With Doubledee The Podcast on GSMC Network (coming soon)!

When I tell you, I stan Tiffany? I mean that–I STAN Tiffany.

In building my platform on TikTok (@whatjayesaid/@jayesaidwhat-backup), I came across her page on accident. I like to think I am a couch PoliSci Major, I am well-read, like to ask questions, and I do so love a spirited debate! When I started following Tiffany, there was something different about her. There was, and is, and honesty to her that allows to me listen to what she says and learn more about what is being talked about!

The reason why I am including Tiffany in this year of activism is because she has been an instrumental part on fighting disinformation, countering conspiracies, standing on truth an research–not opinion! Being one of the few Black women on TikTok that cover current events, news stories, and hold other people accountable whom are in those social spheres of politics on TikTok–whom seem gatekeep and don’t like to be challenged on and when they are wrong!–Tiffany has been right there!

Don’t believe me? Check her content! From the events leading up to the Election of 2020, the Insurrection we all saw, from her fighting for her recognition of her own intellectual property (we all saw that Ryan!), and people stealing her website! Tiffany has had to start over, restart, build and build back! DoubleDeeMuva, Tiffany Jones, is indeed an activist-and she ain’t goin’ nowhere.


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