Talk About It Tuesday-08/24/2021

So, let’s talk about it.

Sha’Carri Richardson came in last in the first time we have seen her run since being banned from the Trash Fire 2021 Olympics. Many of us say, and said that if Sha’Carri had been allowed to run she would have ate that 100m up–me included! And, and I believe that.

The fact that she lost this one race, still hyping herself up? I see no issue with that. Male athletes do this all the time. Case in point: Johnny Manziel—the more white trash Tom Brady (Stay mad! He is!). Now, on some end for all she was talking–she should have done better? Yes. But, do I still support her? Yes.

YES, I DO. Here is why:

The world too often throws Black women away, and treats us as trick show ponies! The moment we don’t perform, the moment we aren’t respectable, we are no longer of any use or respect. There is no wiggle room for a Black girl to mess up. It is time that we give it: stop using the tears of Black women and girls to wash way their right to believe in themselves, brag on themselves, and gas up their own selves!


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