On behalf of Black folk everywhere, we support Simone Biles. Full stop. See y’all next week.

My mood is Simone Biles

I know who I am 

Among a set of people 

And circumstances who

See both skin and mouth 

As problem. 

I do what I know 

I can, and make no apology/I don’t smile.


My mood is Simone Biles.

“Smiling doesn’t win championships.”

I soar.

I tumble.

I see the world

From the vantage point

Of eagles.

With bare feet

With no hair

Out of place. 

I am between sky and ground.

Needing the approval of no one. 

My mood is Simone Biles. 

I reverse twist on naysayers.

Vault over the negligent 

Powered by ignorance 

Landing in the promised place 

Whispered about by ancestors 

Lead by the conductor with

Both gun and lantern. 

I cannot be held where there are none who can compete.

My landings are meant to stick, unwavering.

My leaping meant to jolt,

My run meant to scare. 

You did all could 

To stop me—-but I am still here. 

My mood is Simone Biles.

(c) JBHarris, 2021

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