The Olympics start tonight, Naomi Osaka lit the torch, and I can’t wait to see what Simone Biles does to embarrass all her lesser opponents, the Delta variant has now moved in, all these red states where not enough people are getting vaccinated, people are dying at leaps and bounds, and I still haven’t got my second or third stimulus check! Ya’ll want something from the gas station? No? Okay, let’s get it!

#Olympics #ShamOlympics #Tokoyo2021 #TeamShaCarri #WeAintForget #TheOICAintNothing #SupportBlackWomen #StandWithBlackWomen

I made no secret that I am not watching the Olympics this year. After how people did Sha’Carri Richardson? How even other BLACK FOLK did her?! Nall. I normally watch the Summer Olympics just for the US Women’s Track & Fireld and US Women’s gymnastics anyway. But this year? No. Y’all can have it this year! And to find out that there are other WHITE OLYMPICS ATHELETES are pushing their cannabis products? Are you serious? Yall gon get tired of playing in Black women’s faces! I won’t lie to you, though. I want Simone Biles to sweep everything, winning every gold medal! My heart is with every Black female athlete! But I cannot do it this year–I am not a good enough whatever to cheer for a country that abuses and erases the women that look like me for sport.

#COVID #Vaccines #Vaccinations #Science #COVID-19 #DeltaVarant #NotAGame #NotADrill #Push #DoNotBelieveTrumpicians

I know at that y’all are of me talking about COVID-19. But I can’t stop talking about COVID-19! They are still too many–far too many!–Black and Brown people who are not vaccinated! These people do not care when we are going down in the street by police, so they really are not gonna care when you physically, medically cannot breathe! I’m not telling you what to do, but I am telling you what to be aware of! As a retired CNA, who was on the front line of this first COVID wave, do not let these people to trick you out of a vaccine. I know that decision his personal, but I want you all to be safe. Be safe! Delta is not to be played with.

#EngagementPhotos #WhoMansIsThis #HeHasNoFriends #ThisAintIt #ThisAintGod #HowDoYou #WhyWouldYou #NoNeverEver

Please don’t tag us in this.

Please don’t tag us in this!

At this point, the staff of The Ideal Firestarter have seen the engagement photos of the Black man in the White woman–with the Master and Slave theme. Beyoncé‘s Internet has not told us who these people are, but clearly he has no friends and, she has no class! At this point? She knew exactly what she was doing, he agreed to it, and there are certain Black men who make dating White women their entire personality!

My prayer, is for the children that they may have. Because clearly their mother, is not okay is not above objectifying, tokenizing, even weaponizing Blackness for her own ends. The photographer is not to blame! He just took advantage of the opportunity to make some money. The camera don’t care who it makes a fool out of.

At this point, I guess some of this week by the immortal words of Issa Rae: I’m rooting for everybody Black.

See you next week!

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