The Unsaid, & The Out Loud…

When thinking about my birth story–as it relates to my own children–I realized how common it is. And how frightening that is! As this month of recognition of HONOR BLACK BIRTH and Reproductive Justice continues, it makes me–forces me!–to be aware of just how essential projects like HONOR BLACK BIRTH are, how necessary YOU LUCKY YOU GOT A MAMA, and the work the Brittany Ferrell is monumental.

And needed.

The thing I believe that is most concerning about this is how easy it is to erase Black women! How easy it is, and has become to erase Black women! How it is has become sport to mock our pain, mimic our magic, and believe that Black women not existing in the world is not a bad thing! It is a horrible thing!

I am a Black woman, and I matter! My life matters, my children matter and the lives that I touch with my life, they all matter.

The movement, if not the resurgence of doulas (Erkyah Badu is one!), midwives and home births–this, too, is necessary. You all need to know, need to Google, whom Maude Cullen is! The fact of the matter is Black women have been neglected, mishandled, misdiagnosed, and murdered by the medical community. There a need to have our stories told, heard, believed and told by us! There needs to be a narrative told by Black women, for Black women, in order to push over the master narrative that tells us our own stories, our own pain, our own trauma is a lie!

Saeed Jones said the same thing: this is how we fight for our lives!

There is a power in owning the stories you tell, and knowing the source of those sources–that is what makes them powerful! Survival is a radical act. Retelling that survival is history. Never forget that.

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